Whitney Thompson for Faith21

Browsing around Forever21's website, as usual, love it, and took a quick look at their plus size clothing line, Faith21, and saw to my surprise that Whitney Thompson, winner of Americas next top model cycle 10 is modeling for the line at the moment. I'm happy to see that she still has a nice curvy hip and she's showing off the clothes beautifully! Faith21 just keeps getting better and better, there are some clothes that I feel are, meh! not so well...but these clothes on Whitney look awesome, especially the pattern pants and the massive amount of accessories, I dig the styling. Now...just time to save up some money when I get my paycheck and send some over to Jason in US so I can make a somewhat huge order! mouhahahha...everything is SO cheap I'm just gonna have to.


Anonymous said…
Whitney is great! I remember reading an interview with her here:


Very interesting perspective.

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