Black wrapping

"What was I thinking?"
WHY did I buy black wrapping paper? In the heat of the moment, standing in line at the interior-store I grab the first best one, but it's not even the best color, at least not for Christmas wrapping, WHY did I not pick classic red? or gold? or White, even that would have been better.
haha, oh lordy. I regret the choice deeply now afterward, when wrapping my Christmas presents in black wrapping paper, depression hit me, seriously, the Christmas spirit flew out the window, and I really tried to get it back, played some Christmas songs etc. No luck, I did get it back though when I tried on my new dress I bought today, it's red :) and I'm gonna wear it for Christmas. *ka-ching*
I'm basically done with the gifts, still a few I'm waiting on to be mailed to me, and I'm also having difficulties on the spending limit for my presents, my family is kind of big, so...I just don't wanna get broke like usual at the end of the month now when I've gotten a killer pay-check. Thinking about ordering two more DVD series boxes, should I?
This is torture. I just wanna GIVE GIVE GIVE! *opens arms* have to make this decision before the 19th for package received before Christmas.
oh well, that's Christmas people. ;)


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