tryin' to keep it hot, with hot snacks ;)
Fuck! it is sooooo cold outside, so cold!
it's insane! Colder then ever, haven't felt this cold in a long time. My legs...my face...my fingers...they hurt! The cold hurt my face so bad, like it'd turn into ICE! My cheeks especially. I had to cover my face and breath warm air into my palms and hold my face, my glasses got all foggy, my legs were shaking...it's slipper too! Slippery as hell...I was close to slipping a couple of times FYI, brr *shivers*...Lucky Jason has a good winter jacket, I'm stuck with a cheap one from Kappahl. Next winter I have to invest in a real expensive jacket, cause those are the ones that keep you warm, honestly, I am so stupid that I haven't done that earlier, and only bought new cheap winter jackets every year. Big mistake.
Anyway, fuck it is cold outside!
Saw Sherlock Holmes at the cinema tonight, a very well done movie, funny and filled with action! It was great, I recommend everyone to see it, especially on the cinema cause that gives you the best movie experience ;) Sound wise and picture wise (big screen beats all)

Best wishes from the north pole.


Zatine said…
Jag kan tänka mig att du frös. Hade du mössa på dig? Vantar? Långkalsonger? Täckbyxor? Halsduk? En extra tröja? dubbla sockor? I dont think you did....går man höstklädd under vintern får man skylla sig själv.

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