Bargain shopping

Woke up early made a lovely breakfast (that's out of the ordernary), and headed to town with Jay and Elin, went to Ö&B which is a great "bargain store" (kick ass!), everything is dirt cheap, got necessary stuff for the apartment for example toilet scent and a cute little red plastic basket to and more. It's been a great shopping day, it's fun to by stuff for your own place that is needed, I never did that at did that anyway, so why should I have? *rolleyes* Also went to IKEA and we ate big ass pizzas for Lunch. What a celebration day.
Around my area I've noticed another "bargain shop" it's like a dollar store, MIX MIX, it's called...(for anyone that's interested.) they had EVERYTHING THERE! seriously everything, great for me! cause it's sooo close to me, I can just walk there and get necessary stuff there later on, yay! how great! they had sex toys too and funny stuff like - pictures above. Don't get me wrong I don't need sex stuff...I mean, I don't want it either, again don't get me wrong. :P I'm not stocked up on sex stuff or anything. hehe, ehm...that Pink Cube made me laugh, cause I was like, what the heck?! it's all pink, what's the point of this? and then, HAHA, for blonds only. Gottcha. And then I compared Jason's penis to the "Penis meter". Nah, I'm just kidding.


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