Number 1

Hyper about the new year!
In motion, love taking pictures. Sorry for putting up a lot of them today...and yesterday, 2010, the year to come, any new year resolutions? Stop smoking? go on a diet maybe? Start taking care of our environment? Lear to say no? Reach your dream goal? I don't know...I haven't really decided on one myself, or have I? Negin said all she wants is a healthy and successful year, I think that's well said...I just wish this year to be good, I will take care of myself, that is my new year resolution. I want to have loads of fun, I want to enjoy every day as it is, see things more positive, take a chance, take risks, live life. LIVE LIFE! *throws fist in the air* Hurray! Live life my friend. *pats back* Don't be a zombie. Be happy don't worry! ;)

My sister was drunk today and she hit a bimbo in the face. wow...what a fighter. I'll write more about my new year celebration later.


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