Colors of the rainbow

My new knitted cardigan that I bought on SALE at H&M in Stockholm, 150 SEK.
It's real thick and comfortable, I'm positive it's gonna keep my upper body warm this winter/spring. I have a thing for colors, I love all colors and especially different bright colors put together, I also love patterns, colorful patterns. But I always wear all my colorful and pattern clothes together with something basic, like a white shirt and black leggings.
I think everyone out there should play with colors, especially curvy girls/women, don't be afraid, have fun! Be bright and bold! But most importantly, love yourself and be confident.
You're beautiful ;)

My weekend off work, how amazing! sucks though that I have no idea what I'm gonna do today, pack?...boring...Stay in? a movie?...but what movie...I need ideas, I might go out and eat with Jazones, the guy wants Pizza.


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