Cute summer dress

I have a thing for colorful flower patterns.
These dresses are so amazingly cute, I wish they could be a part of my wardrobe! All three from H&M. (whop! Whop! for H&M) and not hard to get your hands on...The one to the right is more simple and not too extreme like the other ones, maybe I should go for that one, only 199 SEK. But I do love extreme, colors that will hypnotize you if you look too long at them. And these kind of dresses look really flattering for a curvy body, I wish them all! I want to walk in in the sun, feel the heat on my skin in a cute flowery dress.


StephanieDJL said…
LOVE these, especially the one in the middle with the cross back. Are they in the main range? I may have to look in store and see if I could squeeze in.
Kristel Knows said…
I think so, online the biggest size they have available right now is 42, hopefully they have bigger cause sometimes size 42 doesn't work for me, especially around the "boob" and "ass" area, too tight. :P
It's a lovely dress, I want it! They say the fabric is stretchy, that's a plus. :D

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