From Skinny to Curvy

Singer and member of Suger babes
"She's gained 11lb and shaved off half of her hair, but Amelle Berrabah isn't going through a Britney-esque meltdown. Far from it. The Amelle we meet today is stronger and more confident than ever."
After a long and dramatic relationship with some guy called Freddie (Broke her heart and made her lose her faith in men, something about raping her sister, sick bastard, he was a total ass hole.), Amelle called it quits. Now leaving everything in the past behind her, not looking back and moving on with her life, by so doing, First came the new-look hair, then the much-needed weight gain, which boosted her from a scrawny size zero to a size 8, which she's really happy about cause she thought she looked like an anorexic rat before.
She hasn't changed her diet but thinks the stress of her relationship kept her painfully thin, despite her huge appetite. Now she's eating what she likes but going to the gym and training for a 10km race to keep her body in shape.

Too bad I hate working out, I do want to get more fit, but i h.a.t.e. training. I need to change my mind about it, I know working out with a friend would be much more fun and maybe then i would be OK with it, I do want to get back some dancing muscles I had before and that has today after too many years of not doing anything really...weakened. Damn it. Get off yo ass Jen.


Anonymous said…
Same here. I stopped my dancing class when going to Sweden and never started it again since I'm back. In Sweden I used to walk a lot & I think it helps and you can make huge progress without even noticing it. Like in 5 months, I lost 8kg. I was eating totally normally, I had chocolate, cake & icecream in my kitchen but I was eating more vegetables & fruit. It was soooo easy. Now with Mum delicious meals it makes it way more difficult. I got that 8kg back again lol. Anyway, I'd just like to feel better in my body even with those kilos, it's just that I don't wanna feel breathless when I have to run after my bus, for example. But exercise with a friend really helps! Right now, I have this friend who I'm swimming with once a week. Sometimes one of us can't make it, but it's always good that she's there to push me a little asking "So Alison, swimming pool this week?". And you just say yes 'cuz you know you'll spend some time with your good friend :).

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