Coco a go-go!

Another V magazine preview of the size issue, on stands the 14th of Jan.
It's everywhere, but, will I be able to find it in stores here in Sweden? I wonder...I would buy it if I found it, but I doubt it.
This picture preview is shot by Karl Lagerfeld and...I do not like all, I just feel a little bit disgusted when watching his photos taken of this women, sure I bet she's a nice person, but the pictures doesn't say "Hi, I'm big and beautiful" but "Hi, I'm big, wild and up in your face." *with a fake "happy" expressions* see more pictures CLICK HERE!
Also,'s nice they feature different looking women, different shapes, in the Magazine, but this is not one of my favorites. I like the "Curves Ahead" much better, the photos radiate confidence and beauty.
Karl Lagerfeld that has/or had (maybe he regrets them now and takes it back?) his rude opinions about larger women, and now this...photographer for the size issue? Reeeaaally? Didn't you say that no one wants to see Curvy women in the fashion industry? and I quote.
"You've got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly,"
And when designing clothes for H&M back in the day, I quote.
"What I designed was fashion for slender and slim people," he said. "That was the original idea."
Getting upset over the fact that H&M sold his designed clothes in larger sizes.
What a joke.


Maria said…
Didn't like that one får titta två gånger för att upptäcka hennes läckra utstyrsel. Men Karl Lagerfeltan vet man ju aldrig med!

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