Coffee and Cookies

come on, how cozy isn't this?!

those cookies are so fucking good!

Quality time
My mom and little sister are here visiting me today. Real nice, they are the first ones to come over for coffee and cookies and to spend some quality time together. Mom's really happy for me, and she really likes the place. I'm glad. And my little sister is jealous :P hehe, as you can see in the kitchen, storage is tight so I have to place cans and such on the floor and the only electrical outlet is on the other side of the wall, close to the floor, so I have to place my coffee maker on the floor, or any electrical item for that matter (imagine a toaster, haha, god).
Today's outfit is boring and simple, working day, top from H&M and black pants from Torrid.
(*sigh* I want/need a tan!)


Maria said…
Me too!! Need a tan. Haha fan älskar din lägenhet. Du kan göra vilket utrymme som helst till världens mysigaste

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