Got to show my hello kitty "phone jewelry" that I to my surprise found hidden in one of my drawers when moving.

Jay said I look like a cowgirl *sigh* I think I look quite alright. But, I'm gonna be boring and show my outfit in black and white, the shirt is green, and does look a little "tree-hugger"-style, but I don't care, I like it ;)
A new day, at my new pad. Everything feels amazing!
Sure, sucks that we don't have our own shower, it's in the basement and we live on the bottom floor so it's not that bad, the shower looks fresh too, thank god, another thing...after living on the country side my whole life I'm used to silence, especially at night, no disturbance, but last night at like 2 am, it sounded like someone was moving furniture around, or like someone had an elephant walking around in the building, no offense. Interesting, it all feels so new to I was born yesterday, everything I do in the apartment, cook in the kitchen, go to the toilet, feels exciting. :P
Got a big fat paycheck today, I'm thrilled, and ready to shop, I need cleaning wipes, kitchen towels (or whatever you call em), laundry detergent...what else? *thinking*


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