Cozy in my poncho

To days outfit.
Poncho - Ellos 79:-
Top - Ellos 119:-
Leggings - Ginatricot 99:-
Shoes - 149:-

Today has been such a boring day, SO FAR, but soon I'm gonna meet up with some good friends, so it's gonna be all better soon, chill out for a little bit. The day has gone by too fast and I haven't done anything fun at all, well...I did clean the apartment. Good Jennifer :) it wasn't fun but necessary, and I do feel very very good about that and I went grocery shopping with Jazones and sneaked some liver paté down our shopping bag, yum!
Hope you've all had a good weekend.


Lodimat said…
always felt stupid wearing a poncho, but the way you combine it looks awesome! never thought of this way to wear it...

thumps up! :D

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