Curv boost!

Kimberley Walsh
Singer and member of the group Girls Aloud, has in my opinion a really nice body figure, pear shaped (Size 10-12), and she's loving her curves too, which is refreshing!
‘I’m like any other normal girl, I have ups and downs; I can focus and be healthy for a few weeks and then I’ll have a bad week. If I ate what the rest of the girls ate I’d be three times the size, but at the same time, I’m not vain enough to starve myself. I’d much rather be content in my life and a normal size. I’m a 10 on top and a 12 below. I think it’s quite good for young girls that in the band we’ve all got different figures.’
She also says that she looks to J.LO and Beyoncé for style tips, since they too have a smaller waste and a "bigger bum" to see what looks good on them. She got a nice style I think, like the blue turtle-neck dress outfit, not so sure about the over sized flower on her black dress in the middle, but loving the dress to the right, real pretty! I'll be looking to her for some style tips from now on, she's btw been the face for New look where they have a plus size section, some nice stuff.

(I just keep getting more and more annoyed over the fact that Sweden doesn't have more plus size clothes to offer, the plus size clothes we have s.u.c.k.s. just check out BIB and Plus collection at H&M and Ellos. Grrrr...*exhales* keep good faith Jennifer, keep the good faith.)


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