The get-together


aw, they got me flowers.

Rhia and Negin
Had a really good time last night, we had some drinks, hung out and played games.
and I also got to know that the supervisors for our apartment building lives just next door to us. Oh my god! But, the "party" ended early, before 11pm so they shouldn't have anything to complain about....I hope. Just got a little nervous, didn't know they lived next door to us, the walls are very thin, I can hear their dog barking often and very loud. Anyway, they seem cool :)

Now, just got off work and I'm gonna hit the city and go to the movies with Jay and Negin, gonna watch "Day breakers" the only movie that both Jay, Me and Negin can watch, wanted to see "It's complicated",'s too girly-girly for my man, you know.


Maria said…
Negin is soooo pretty =)

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