I Miss The States!

On Liberty Island.

Weehawken, admiring the view.

My favorite "kissing picture" at Time Square.
Jay's using my mac (watching his fav. fotball team, inpossible to get his attention :P) so I stuck with a slow ass laptop. However, my laptop contains a lot of sweet pictures, many from my visits to the States. I miss it there a lot. I so wish we had Wendy's here in Sweden, I want to eat their affordable delicious burgers. (compared to Sweden the're cheap!)
I miss going to New York, the skyline is so beautful, and the shopping is to die for!


Emma said…
Nämen! Har Wendy's lyxshaken? :O Ännu en sak Max har snott från staterna :P
Anonymous said…
So lovely, the 2 of you

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