I pitty the fool

I am as good as done, been backing all night and gotten all the boxes and bags out of the room and cleaned the room as well. Aren't I good. What have my boyfriend done?...hrrm...nothing. He's been playing chess. But, whatever, I do it best myself, it gets done the way I want. But it still is a little bit annoying, cause...he complains. Every time I opened the door to go outside with all the stuff to the garage, he complained about the cold. "Well, it has to be done, sorry." He decides he wants to help me vacuum, he split the room in half, at the end, I say, you missed behind the desk, he says, well that was your half. *sigh* okay, and then, he picks up pieces of glass from the floor under the bed and vacuums it up, and then explains himself by saying "I didn't know what it was..." Okay? you couldn't see or feel that what you just held in your hand was glass? You might clog up the vacuum cleaner, hello? And when I vacuumed on his side of the room, he got angry and started to pull the vacuum cleaner away from me, like we're back in 4th grade fighting over something stupid. *massages temples* why? why? why?
I love you to death, but, today you've been retarded.

Right now I'm enjoying myself a glass of white wine and some popcorn, Jay's asleep...Peace, there's peace again. Thank you.


Maria said…
Suck! Ibland är de riktigt retards! Jag fattar inte alls hur de tänker ibland när de öppnar käften. But boys will be boys.

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