I wish, I wish...I wish I would have...

Oh my god, soon I'll spend my very first night and many more to come, at my new pad. (I like calling it pad.) What if I can't sleep? Oh no, that would be torture, well, it's the first night, what can you expect, you're somewhat excited and nervous, lots of thoughts running through your mind. Jay's already sleeping, that sleepy head, I wanted to take a pic of him (he looks all poofy) but...I won't take the risk, he's a really photo pooper, I hates being on photos, don't ask me why, he looks good.

I wish...I WISH! I would have taken pictures just when I arrived to do a sort of "before and after" (got a comment about it, thanks for the comment ;D) and duh!! I haven't taken any pictures at all up until I read that comment and I was like SHIT! *click* *click* how can I forget?! nor have I taken pictures of all the bags of clothes. *sigh* I'm sorry, and I'm sorry to myself, I wish I would have taken photos, always nice to look back at, "Moving day". Oh well, I'll offer some pictures of my pretty clothes all neatly hanged in my closet, and just a few of my shoes, I had to leave many behind (love shoes) and a lovely picture of my new favorite shoes, bought them for 149 SEK, robbery. They are gonna be my
"tear it up and wear it out"-shoes. :P

I'll upload better pictures of the apartment tomorrow.


Maria said…
Jag är glad gör din skull! Du är värd ett eget ställe.
Anonymous said…
Wooden hangers are great! I have them too... but I hate that they take up so much space cos I have a small closet

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