Be more creative?

I've started packing for the move, only about a week left now, starting to feel a little bit stressed cause there is SO MUCH that needs to be packed, given away, thrown away, sweep under the bed away, or to store somewhere.
Anyway, found this sketch of a seal (so cute!), made by moi. *proud* I think I made 4th grade, middle school. Impressive don't you think? ;) Also found that face sketch, I did a lot of face sketches when I was a kid, younger, When I find all these drawings I miss being creative, I do sometimes Illustrations but...not enough...hopefully after the move I'll have some more spare time so that I can start being creative again, I have some scrapbooking stuff lying around somewhere that I want to do something fun with. I should really get creative soon! My new year resolution?
Be more creative?


Maria said…
Shiieeet! You're crazy good!! Jag minns det som igår hur jag beundrade dina teckningar. Brukade härma dig i min dagbok sen och skrev typ att "ingen fick säga att jag härmade jennifer"..hahah! Hur som helst - helt fantastiska teckningar! Du måste ta upp det igen! Skulle lätt be dig måla en tavla åt mig. en stor med ett kvinnoansikte...kanske ett par bröst också..hmm.
Kristel Knows said…
Ah, thank you, thank you *blush* absolut! just let me know pookie.

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