The Mask - it smells like poop...

Today hasn't really gone as I planned, thought I was gonna do some extra work, but no, the guy had left the building making it impossible for me to do that extra work that this guy has been "bugging" me about, Oh well, it's fine I guess, I just get a little stressed out cause I just want to have this work out of the way, done! You know what I'm sayin'? I've got other plans, tomorrow's gonna be a busy day of laundry, meeting friends, AND working.

Me and Jazones took a ride in my car instead, discussing how wonderful it is now to live IN THE CITY! Being so close to everything, and about how much gas I'm saving now!!! (High five!) We had McDonald's, chillaxed, (I took tons of pics. that I will show later/tomorrow) I bought some magazines on my way home, so before bed I'm gonna look through the new issue of Cosmo, Ah yeah!

My skin gets so dry after I shower and especially after working a lot, so today i tried out my new face mask, first to try ever, Blue Corn 3-IN-1 DEEP CLEANSING MASK from The Body Shop. It smells like poop but
my skin felt like a baby's butt afterwards.


Anonymous said…
there's this really good mask i like. very affordable! Korean brand called The Face Shop. It's called Raspberry Root Sleep Mask. I swear, I wake up and my skin is so soft!

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