Movie to recommend...

The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency
"Precious Ramotswe (played by Grammy award-winning singer Jill Scott), sells her late fathers cows and moves to the city to become Botswanas finest and only female private detective. Her methods may be unconventional but she's got warmth, wit and canny intuition on her side, not to mention the support of her friends Mr JLB Matekoni (Lucian Msanati), proprietor of Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors and Mma Makutsi (Anika Noni Rose, Dreamgirls), the fastest-typing secretary in Gaborone. Precious is going to need as much help as she can get to solve the mysteries of a missing finger, a dubious Daddy, a cheating husband and as she heads into dark and dangerous territory on the trail of a missing child"

Saw this last night as I was going to bed, I've always wanted to see it and have had it at home for ages but never taken the time to actually SEE IT! SO, finally I did...and I liked it, it was alright! Jill plays her character well, and I suppose this was a great challenge for her since she's never acted before (?) it's impressive. She got the accent down and everything, and she's "fat and fabulous"! (like one man says in the movie.) with great style! Love all her colorful dresses she wears through the whole movie. She really portraits a confident woman, although her size, following her dreams.
If you feel like seeing a warm and easy going movie with a fabulous plus size girl in it, watch this one.


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