Pack Pack Pack

I apologize for the poor photo quality

Got my orders in the mail today from H&M and Ellos. YAY! Everything fit perfect except one top, too tight over the breast area, and...I can't really make my boobs smaller so (damn I have big boobs)...I gave the top to my mom, looked much better on her anyway.
Bought a poncho, absolutely love it, bought several tops, for instance this purple one, fits like a glove, Another Knitted vest, and two dresses. I am SOOOOOOOO happy! I love shopping new clothes. And I get especially happy when the clothes fit good.

Been having mc-mc-coffee with an old friend today that I haven't seen in ages, was really nice, did some talking and some catching up. And we've decided that we're gonna hang out more often now when I move to the city!
YAY! I'm moving to the city! *dances*
tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow...No time to waste, time to pack!


Lodimat said…
this knitted vest with the big buttons is fooooxy! <3
Kristel Knows said…
Thank you so much! I love it, bought it on sale for 119 SEK. Best buy ever! :D

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