The padie

My "tiny-yet-very-nice-for-a-studio-apartment" kitchen

Jewelery department

Cozy seating area by the one and only window

One side of the living/dinning/bed-room.

The other side of the room, with Jason by the computer.

Not quite done with the interior decoration, I've re-arranged a few things already and bought a new green plant today that I've added on the shelf, need to get my "time square" canvas up on the wall as well...but soon, it will be perfect ;)
However, I feel really good living her no matter what.


StephanieDJL said…
Cute apartment! I love the way you store your jewellery :)
Maria said…
SER RIKTIGT FINT UT!!! MÃ¥ste komma och kolla:)

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