Productive Saturday

My weekend off my regular job flippin' burgers, I'm working extra settin' labels. Got to bed real late this morning after working night shift but forced myself up from bed after only 6 hrs of sleep, I need at least 2 more. But, I need to get some job done and to bring in some extra cash. So, sitting here, wearing my new Sonia Rykiel bra I just today got in the mail (Just as I entered labels I ran to the bathroom and tried it on.) so excited, got a bunch of new underwear and a really cute waist skirt in a warm green color. The bra fits like a glove by the way, so happy! The design in super cute and gives my boobies good support.
I strongly recommend you guys to check out H&M's sale
on underwear and get yoursleves Sonia Rykiels cute and comfortable bras for only 50 SEK.

Now back to being productive.
Lots of love to my readers.


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