Sherlock's chinese avatar

My day off work, Aaaaaaah!! *stretches* Got a call from work today tho, asked if I wanted to work cause people are sick and shit...and this heavy feeling of guilt hit me, I really want to help out, but I really don't want to work at the same time, cause I've been working everyday since the day before New Years eve, I really want to chillax and not have to think about work for one day. Anyway. I don't have to work today so thank god, they solved the shift without me.
Me and Jason are thinking about hitting the cinema and to eat out. Chinese food maybe? I want to see Avatar or Sherlock Holmes, but I want to see Avatar on 3D, but there's no seats available. Darn.

Got to get dresses and ready to goo...

Have a wonderful day!


Maria said…
Vi var och såg Avatar 3D förra veckan. Du kommer älska den!
Kristel Knows said…
Nej, men jag ville :( fanns inga biljetter kvar, såg Sherlock ;D

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