Slacker jacket

Slacker outfit, now when I look at this jacket, don't was 150 SEK and it felt right at the time and now it's turned into my everyday slacker jacket, it's not that flattering, It's not very warm, I can not close it cause then the buttons pop open, nor is the color the most beautiful...but I'm still liking it. 8-)
Today has been a great day
even though the weather has sucked...big and two good friends went to "Röda Korset" and did some good bargains, I bought a pair of brown leather pumps for as little as 30 SEK. *Ka-tjing* and after that we went to "Rusta" and continued to do some great bargains. Lovely isn't it.

Cosmo features too expensive clothes. Been reading it today and almost all the clothes cost more then a thousand kronor. Not very affordable for me, most I can get inspired. But shit...I want to see things I like AND that I can actually BUY, you know what I'm sayin'. Oh well...they have many good articles that's a plus, now I know 10 tips how to satisfy my man in bed. *just kidding*


Zatine said…
"I know 10 tips how to satisfy my man in bed" HAHA!!!

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