Sundays chillin'

my cutie nose.

After a hard working day.
I cooked a really nice meal, had a glass of white wine and chocolate pudding as dessert.
Jay's all happy and excited, he's favorite team is playing today so I have to hurry to blog before he takes over the comp. *sigh* football...American football...he loves that sport. Like I've said earlier, I seriously think he's in love with New Orleans saints
quarterback Drew Brees. He's like, "Jen, Jen! Look at him, wouldn't you want to marry this guy if he asked?" and I'm like...." I got you silly"...him, "I would! DREEW BREEES!! He's awesome!"
Anyway, work today was exhausting, never got time to relax, and ended up working over time, the same time you push yourself to work as good as you can cause you feel better about the situation then, and you feel like you're fast as hell, and you start getting warm and a bit sweaty and greasy...that's when you know, you're working out.
I had my today's workout at work today. I never stood still...I was moving around like dancing queen, most certainly burning some cals'. (as in calories)

Tomorrow I work again, and with the best co-workers ever! ;)


Thanks of the bday wishes! :) I love your illustrations.

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