Torrid's sexy valentine 'Look Book'

Featuring Tara Lynn, seen in the January 2010 issue of V Magazine.

I haven't always been a fan of torrid's clothes, I've shopped a little at Torrid when I've visited the US, but not all of their clothes are my style and in my opinion some of their clothing is quite pricey, like some of their pants/jeans/dresses for example. I always like to do fabulous finds when I'm in US since the dollar is weaker then Swedish crowns I can always shop a bit cheaper there (score!), Anyway.
I DO though, really like this!!
I like the black dress, the Light-Wash Distressed Skinny Jeans and the cool looking waste belt.
and Tara Lynn looks amazing!


StephanieDJL said…
I love the black dress and the distressed jeans too, as well as the adorable stockings!

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