Until I get Shitfaced

some pictures from out backpacking trip, summer '08

I've officially put up the ugliest pictures of me from the trip, enjoy.

But they crack me up
these two poo bears are coming over to my place on Friday night, and I am so excited! We haven't hung out the three of us in a really long time, still, we're missing someone, Katarina, another girlfriend that went with us on the backpacking trip. She's studying far away from us. That's the thing, we've all been spread out and so busy with work and studies since we got back that we never have time to see each other SO, we NEED to have a reunion! And on Friday we will, pretty much, and Negin even made it an event on Facebook *haha* Until I get shitfaced? what is that supposed to mean?

Pictures will be uploaded.
Just have to comment the pictures, don't you just love my "Jesus"-sandals? :P


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