Wax on, Wax off.

attractive man, unattractive man
Did my eyebrows yesterday, hadn't done them in a loooooooong loooooong time.
I don't like to do them real thin but only shape them, believe me, I looked like a bush woman, I almost felt that I looked a little bit like that (see picture on the right) like a bearded unattractive man. (like it'd be ok if I felt that I looked like an attractive man?) I use WAX, got in the states, love the product, the wax hardens after just a few seconds and then you grab the edge of it and pull. I wax my facial hair with that product, and don't get me wrong I don't have that much facial hair...no beard....no beard...but, I got what my boyfriend calls them: Beaver whiskers, or what I call it, a perfectly normal woman mustasch, If you look very closely...you'll see it. tiny hairs...if you're aware of em'. it sucks...cause you're gonna want to wax em' then. Sooo...I do...I'm not ashamed,
I got a "mustasch".

Jason's sleeping like a baby, the poor guy has been up for more then 24 hrs and been sitting around waiting for me at work, my heat beat for you and I hope you don't get a cold, it's fucking cold outside, he didn't want to go outside, too afraid he'd turn into ice on the way down to the bus stop, no, just kidding, well...he was better off staying inside.
I'm gonna tuck myself in bed beside him and watch some CSI.


Maria said…
Nu känner jag äntligen igen dig!

And Jennifer! *with a be-responseble-voice* Always remember, that you ARE a MAN. And will always be. Together with me, in the jungle.

So...Over and Out.. Goodnight..little.. irresponseble girl.. *sighs and tucks in*

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