Week filled with changes

Been the greatest to have been off work this weekend, was back to work today...it was alright, but at my job, things never work as it's supposed to, things break all the time lately. It's just really annoying, why can't things just work and go smoothly like it should?
Oh well, not to waste your energy on.
This weekend, I've had a lovely meal at our local restaurant (that blew me away), and seen a lovely movie at the cinema with some friends. Elin and her boyfriend. Saw "Old Dogs" a Disney movie, it was funny and cozy at the same time, a real family movie. It's nice to see easy movies like that every now and then.
Been checking out the apartment again that me and Jay are gonna move into today, everything feels just FANTASTIC! The apartment is just enough for us two, just great, being closer to everything is gonna be awesome, I can not describe how good it will feel to not have to drive 2 miles to get home after work, and I'm off work for 4 days now, week filled with big changes, hallelujah!
Justin Long does a great character, hilarious.
"Stay down...gentle warrior."


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