The Fendi Spy bag

HA-HA! I had it once before but sold it on E-bay. But now I've bought myself my own again. With it's unique design it can to some look ugly, but I like "different" and think this bag is fine. :)
Just won the auction and I'm thrilled, and I'm thinking about betting on another Spy bag but in green and with a little bit of a different look from this one...hmmmmm...? should I? They go for around 300 SEK. If you're lucky less...but this is a good replica,'s worth the 300 SEK I would say and that's including shipping.
About a month or a month and a half until spring starts to show...can't wait!


Anonymous said…
Åh! Vad fin!! Gratulerara:)//Maria
aye said…
Allt bra idag?

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