New life

to my hair.
Been a great day today, been doing laundry, meet up with two friends and went to "Röda Korset" where I found a pair of Italian made Vintage boots, love em'! The first ones I grabbed to try out, I liked to look of em' and...MY SIZE, it was meant to be, also bought a thin wine red satin belt, real cute.
Went to Ö&B, KICK ASS! Ö&B and bought some things I needed for the apartment, such a toilet paper, air freshener (it smelled funky it the apartment today, dunno why.), and cleaning spray...and yes *sigh*, I also bought junk, such as...CHOCOLATE COOKIES! YAAY!
After that we hung out at my friends place, had Pepsey, canday and chipseys and played with my hair. These pictures doesn't do my new hair color justice, it looks not as red-ish, but more light brown-ish mixed with my dark brown hair. LOVE IT! and my hair feels all smooth and light right now...I just wanna swing it around me as if I'd be in a Hair Color commercial.


Zatine said…
Har du färgat? :D :D :D AMAGAD det var så där jag ville att du skulle ha ^^

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