Today's outfit - Raw!

Denim shirt - Ellos
T-shirt - Indiska
Leggings - Ginatricot
Hello, there's so many things I wanna do to day. Starting, cleaning up the apartment, it's a mess, I really need to vacuum, badly. Me and Jason are going on a late lunching. (He over-slept.) I've been up, bored, picked out an outfit, been browsing the net, waiting for him. So now, finally, we're going any min. I'm STARVING! Later on I also want to head to the mall and meet up some friends. I need to get out and move around, I've been too lazy this weekend, just basically, sitting on my ass, getting up every once an a while and eating like an elephant :D
Hhmmm....I wonder what I'll have for lunch today. We're going to a small local restaurant just down the street, always been wondering what it looks like inside, it looks real cozy from the outside.I'm excited.

Hope you all have a great day!


Maria said…
Du är så pretty /stolt vän

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