My day in pictures

This picture cracks me up!!

Hate this frikkin' snow storm-weather! :( Even though I look happy on this picture.

Been having a great day with Elin, been grocery shopping, we had a movie night with chips and dip, saw "Hair Spray" such a happy and refreshing movie, picked up Therese later on and hung out a little bit more over at my place, now both of them have seen my new pad, I'm when I live so close to everyone we should really take the opportunity to hang out more. :) The weather is really going on my nerves though, it's crazy, today and yesterday hasn't stopped snowing, and it's fucking cold outside. *weep*


StephanieDJL said…
The first picture cracks me up too lmao, looks like a fun time.
Kristel Knows said…
Haha, it's hilarious, I love making funny faces! :D

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