Suede with studs

Been browsing around H&M's website a lot lately, their SALE is beyond words awesome, and their latest trends are beautiful. Too bad all their new items gets sold out all on the same day. They had a denim jacket up for only 149 SEK, I was like damn, that's a very good price for a jacket, BOOM! it's gone. Oh well, I already have a denim jacket so why should I own two, you always get so tempted to buy when the price is too good to be true.
So I've already been looking around for spring and summer shoes, and I really like these suede shoes with studs, I usually go for black...but this time I like the light brown color better, what do you think? and The bag is to die bad it's 800 SEK. Shoes cost 199 SEK. (affordable, me like.)


Sandra said…
Nice shoes :)

I found them at Din Sko! :)

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