Asos Curve Fav's.

Oh my god, I am so close to ordering these two dresses from ASOS' new Curve line. It's just the shipping and the price that's bothering me, both dresses plus shipping comes out to 777 SEK, maybe I'm cheap, but I think that's a bit expensive for two dresses, sure the're beautiful and I like them but I'm just not sure if I want to pay that price. Anyway, I really like the dresses and I'm just thinking of spring and summer wearing these with my denim jacket, sitting by the river in the city having a cold beer or ice cream just chillin' with friends. The're just SO PRETTY! I often have a hard time deciding to get something when I think the price gets a bit expensive, also I'm always a little bit nervous ordering from abroad, just a bit worried that the package would never arrive or something even though I know the chances aren't big. I think I'm gonna wait until i get my next paycheck next week....yeah, I'm gonna pussy out. :P


I have the frist but not from curve , i like also the second dress, i wait to buy it.

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