Cold, windy, and chocolate love.

I'm seriously getting really sick and tired of this weather, it won't stop snowing, and on top of that it's windy. Snow in your face everywhere you turn, and having to sweep of thick layers of snow off your car everyday. *sigh*
Today I've been hanging out with an good old friend I haven't seen in ages, always love those kind of meet ups, been drinking lots of coffee and eating delicious chocolate chip cookies, Love love love! Chhhoooooocoooolaaaattteeeee!! *drool* and been catching up on life.
Now, time to go to my lovely leopard scarf.
I want spring so bad, you don't even know! :D


StephanieDJL said…
Tell me about it! I thought we were rid of snow but it keeps coming back and the cold is ridiculous..grumblegrumblegrumble ;)

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