Denim dreams

Denim is hot, denim jackets, denim shirts, skirts, pants and everything, as well as shoes! These beautiful shoes are from Forever21, and again, I'm upset we don't have Forever21 here in Sweden, I've heard people talk about them opening a store in Stockholm, I don't know if it's true or only rumors. Anyway, when ever I take a trip to the States, I'll shop a lot, a lot at my favorite store. I'd love to own those cute flats.
(Also, if anyone of my wonderful friends want to order something online from em', I'd be happy to split the shipping cost.)

Lindy Platform Pumps 173,39 SEK, Studded Suedette Flats 112,55 SEK, Lindy Denim Bootie 188,60 SEK.
Forever I'll love, Forever21.


Zatine said…
JAG vill ocksÄ ha fina skor ^^ weeee!
Anonymous said…
There is a 4-storey FOREVER 21 in Singapore but I think they don't carry big sizes for clothes. I went there and I found nothing to buy.
Kristel Knows said…
Oh really? cause they have a plus size line, called Faith21, maybe they didn't have it just there. too bad, cause they have lots of pretty plus size clothes. :) I love it!

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