Fabulous finds!

Denim leggings - 149:-, Blouse 124,50:-, Knitted vest 99:-, Dress 149:-
From H&M
So I got the dress that I've been wanting to buy, yay, I'm happy...it's so cute, can't wait for the spring/summer so I can wear it! Also bought these other fabulous finds, very happy about the denim leggings, or "treggings", I don't know WHY they are called "treggings", can anyone answer that? :) The lovely thing about leggings are that you know...they will fit comfortable, they are stretchy and I bet fit any body pretty well. Not like jeans, maybe digging into your hips and stomach, hate that shit, it's like !HELLO!? I can't wear a tight top cause my fat is sticking out and hanging over the jeans!" hehe, well...most of the times, I have a few low waist jeans, big regret, I can't wear them (Only with a big loose fit top", I like high waist jeans better...AND Leggings! Woho!


StephanieDJL said…
Treggings is trousers + leggings, I think! I'm desperate to get my hands on a pair of jeggings but have yet to find a decently priced long enough pair, I may have to see if I can wiggle into a Dorothy Perkins pair! I love that dress too, reminds me a bit of McQueen.
Kristel Knows said…
jeggings, treggings and leggings? :D i'm getting confused :P What's Jeggings then? *shy*
I've never visited Dorothy Perkins site, I have to do that, see what type of clothes they have, I've seen some around, but never looked closely on their website. :)
Kristel Knows said…
Ah, Jeggings, more soft and stretchy, just looked it up on Dorothy Perkins website, they got killer clothes. LOVE!

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