Fashion inspiration

Mischa Barton
I don't care about the gossip about her, weight gain or weight loos, drugs or partying, not looking good walking the streets of whatever city she's in, etc, etc. What the hell?! The magazines must pick out the WORST pictures, she's got a great fashion sense in my opinion, and she looks GREAT! healthy body, some meat on her hips and thighs, we like that, who cares if she's not stick thin? As long as she's happy there shouldn't be a problem, damn gossip :P still we girls like gossip, hehe, ANYWAY.
I really like how Mischa puts together her outfits, her street style rocks. And she's wearing all the pieces I like/want, the blazer with studs and the denim jacket is one of my favorites, however I wish I had all of her clothes in my wardrobe *rolleyes*

“I’m proud of my body. It’s either you are too fat or too skinny – you can’t win, so who cares. I eat healthy and sometimes I pig out."


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