First time in Chinos.

T-shirt - Ellos 49 SEK
Belt - Old, from H&M I think.
Chinos - Ellos 149 SEK
Shoes - Secondhand 30 SEK
Bought my very first Chinos the other day from Had a 20% off offer so got the Chinos for only 119 SEK *ka-tjing* I like em', bought a bigger size so that they would hopefully have a loose fit, and they did, so I'm real happy with my online purchase, I got size....hrrm....48. when I'm usually a size 42 in underwear and size 44/46 in jeans/pants (depends). Wow...crazy. But what size I am doesn't really matter, what matters is that the clothes fit and look nice on me ;)

have a good day.


Zatine said…
Dom var jättefina!
Maria said…
Fashion LIVES here. Vad snyggt du ÄR!! Btw, Jill är i sthlm nu!! Vi måste sammanstråla allihop! Puss mitt hjärta
Kristel Knows said…
Tack *blush* Yes, finaly, fan va kul! jag jobbar en del fram över men ska kolla över schemat när jag kan inna med en Stockholms visit. :D
Miss you!

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