Hooked on

In my new top
got it real cheap on E-bay (tradera) for under a 100 SEK, this guy that I bought it of seems to have this as his small business, selling only new items and...my package was sent all the way from Spain, cool...a just got a new top from Spain, I like that, also like the design of this one, over sized, comfortable, great to use as a "bolero", since you can un-button it and such, I'm gonna wear it with like a tank top, when you don't wanna feel too naked, which I can feel sometimes, don't always like showing my shoulders and upper arm area...and the armpits. *shivers*. haha, you know what I mean?! (OK! when I have a tan, then I'm good...I'm straight with a tan.)


SANDRA said…
Sv: Oooh thanks.! I like to be creative, pimp old things and use it again. =) (You save money if you do it.)

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