I wish for more! more! more!

Like I don't have enough already, I love shoes and I have too many of em', but I grow tired of em' and I leave them aside to collect dust. Skopunkten is a favorite shop for shoes, they just have this buy 2 get 1 for free offer that I can't resist. And lately they just get better and better shoes that LOOK better and seems to have better quality even though it's a cheap shoe store, you just have to find them, look closely, and you'll find the goodies. Like these one bellow, me wants! and there's more shoes on the site that I saw that I like as well. But whatever :) I need to buy ballerinas for the spring and summer that's for sure, I always wear out my ballerinas, so gotta get new ones cause the ones I used last year have big holes on the sole. :P
Skopunkten shoes, I'll be there soon.


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