In the dressing room

Found a skirt that I love on SALE, the biggest size was size 40...and I tried(cause I love it so much)but it didn't really work, if you don't want to see my lovely butt cheeks that is *weep*
ok, after being robed of my money at work I went on a tiny shopping spree with some friends from work, we discussed the whole chocking event, yes, there's an idiot at our work that steals money, well...he ain't working at my work anymore, thank GOD! cause of all this, all suspicion points at him, there's no question about (too long to explain.) just trust me, I've been so bothered and MAD, frikkin' MAD, cause it just doesn't happen at our place, we all trust each other, this "guy" was a trainee, just started and all of a sudden people are missing money, me the most...been robed of about 1500 SEK from my wallet total. Karma's a bitch! KARMA'S A BITCH, what goes around comes around, I'm not really religious but I pray to god that he punishes him for his sins. He's disgusting little criminal fingers have been going through my bag. I'm disgusted and beyond angry, won't see that money either, cause I have no PROOF he took it, BUT I know HE TOOK IT!
*deep exhale* Anyway, found a pair of awesome lace leggings at H&M, Ka-tjing, and a couple of cool looking belts, also made some unbelievable cheap bargains at MONKI, LOVE! So I'm not trying to think about this bastard who took my money or even that I HAD that money, cause I just get so fucking upset and almost wanna look this person up, barge into his place and be like "GIVE ME BACK MY FUCKING MONEY YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" But I can't....and I won't. Just very emotional...who can blame me, I've been robed, and that money could have fed me and Jason for more then a month.


Zatine said…
Ser jag honom kommer han få nånting hemskt uppkört nånstans där solen inte skiner!!!
SANDRA said…
Nu har jag valt ut 6 finalister till veckans blogg.
Kolla om det är du.!
Var gärna med och rösta på din favorit =)

Lycka till.!
Anonymous said…
You are too cute! Your expression i mean

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