In my denim jacket...

Been browsing around my laptop looking at old pictures from about a year back up until now, and saw all these from different occasions when I'm wearing my denim jacket, I love my denim jacket and I can not wait until it gets warmer so that I can WEAR my denim jacket!
It's been on a cruis, to New York and Jersey, it's been on the subway, and on several nights out :P It's my very best jacket that I always wore during spring and summer and many more years to come, until the hole around the armpit area gets too big, then...I'm gonna have to either, fix the jacket or *tear* throw it away.

Night night.


Lodimat said…
this denim jacket rocks! and you combine it so very well! :)
StephanieDJL said…
I love denim jackets, especially the faded colour of this one. I may have to invest in the ASOS one.

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