A love story

This is actually the very first Valentines day I'll spend with Jay, we've been together for about 1 and a half year, it is the longest relationship I've ever had, now you maybe don't want to know about my relationship with my boyfriend, but I just want to say, that I love him. Every couple have their ups and down, and we have had those, but our love is so strong it survives anything. After one year going back and forth, Sweden...US...Sweden....US...., Jason came to stay in Sweden with a recident permit this summer. That means the world to me, he left his home to be with ME!?

I think that the future holds a lot more to come. I really want to try out the American life and to see and be in New York more. It's only 15-20 mins away from where Jay lives. And his friends and family are all great.

He loves me just the way I am.

For example. I can do a silly dance and wobble my thighs and arms and he'll love it.


Katrin said…
I really smiled when I read this cause it's so nice to see that there can be such a great love between to people :)
Happy V-Day for you, too.
Anonymous said…
You're both so lucky to have each other... Envious and happy for you!

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