Monki Love

Monkigirls wear Cool Jeans from Monki on Vimeo.

Some fav. picks.
I'm surprised I haven't been much to Monki lately, it's one of my fav. shops. Been browsing around their website and they have released their season look, real cute. Lots of denim, pastels and colorful patterns. Monki Cool Jeans celebrate the 90's and pay tribute to style icons like Madonna and Paula Abdul. Do It Yourself, put patches on the styles and create your own Cool Jeans. The collection contains 15 garments, have a look!I have to swing by there sometime soon, they got a lot of nice clothes, stylish and affordable. Also, check out that cute video!!! :)


Neha said…
CSI is great, i have season 1-6 om dvd but i wan't them all:D
Criminal Minds is so fucking great to, i love it!
Anonymous said…
Love it! Why don't we have such exciting stores in Singapore? You seem to have a ton of places to shop :(

I'm so envious...
Fellycia said…
Monki really have adorable yet affordable collections.. wish we have them in Australia..

You're so lucky to be in Sweden.. you've got a lot of our fashion faves: swedish clogs, h&m, cheap monday...

loving your style and blog btw!
xoxo, felly

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