My very first best blog award!!

Got tagged by buttonsbowsandbrogues aka. Stephanie.
Thank you very very very much! (*^_^*) happy to have you as a follower and that you like my blog, and tagged me out of so many blogs that you follow.
Also, Hello and welcome to all new visitors and, hopefully soon to be, followers! *rolleyes*
So, now I'm gonna pass this on to 6 other blogs that I follow. This blogging thing is pretty new to me, I don't follow that many blogs but discover new blogs everyday that I start to follow, so...I'm gonna try, here we go 6 blogs that me like and follow.

An Exercise In Trivial Pursuits
Zatine Life
young fat and fabulous
musings of a fatshionista
saks in the city

An adorable cute asian chick, a few friends, and some big names in the blogosphere. SEE! it's hard, I'd wanted to tag some others but, they have already gotten tagged so...:)
Thanks again, and hope you all have a great Thursday.


Zatine said…
look there is my blog :D maybe I should write in english too...might get more ppl to read it like you do ^^
Anonymous said…
Wow! Thanks!

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