The shoes...

...I hold dear.
Bought these at Forever21 this summer, thought they looked really cool and they are very comfortable. YET! I have never wore them out...ever! I'm crazy..and...lazy, anyway, now when my feet has sort of gotten more use to high heels I'm gonna try to wear these at special occasions, cause I DO love to wear nice high heel shoes, it's just that my feet DIE after a while. I hate being the party pooper, walking around complaining/trying to dance with aching soles, just wanting to sit down all night long, or take "breaks". You know what I'm saying?

Oh dear, I bought this shirt today, the grey one with stripes, 49 SEK at Ginatricot.
I love big shirts!


StephanieDJL said…
I love the striped shirt and those shoes are pretty snazzy too!

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