Silver satin

NOT what I'm wearing today, but just something I put on cause I'm in a party mood. I miss dressing up, I should dress up everyday anyway, really, but I'm a bit bad at it, and also, I suck at accessorizing even though I have lots of jewellery and such. I can never wear jewellery because I would have to take it off ALL the time because of work, and I can neither play with nail polish, buhu, oh's not the end of the world :)
Who says that you can't wear a silver satin dress on a regular day?
Both items are from H&M, don't you love? The blazer and dress both bought on sale, the dress for as little as 99 SEK. Love the back detail, it's hot. Love figure hugging dresses, it really shows of your curves.


Marre maräng said…
Phillip jessica said…
number ONE in Uppsala. hade ingen aning det är som att du lever ett annat liv.... who are you?
Lodimat said…
now I want one, too! haha :D

looks awesome!

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